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Gamosa is an essential part of the Assamese culture & tradition. গামোচা অসমীয়াৰ স্বাভিমানৰ প্ৰতীক। 


This particular gamosa comes with a sense of traditional unbeatable fashion weaved in Green Looms (jacquard loom) of Assam.


The golden threads called 'GUNA' gives it a unique identity of its own. The "Dohi-Buta" at both the ends makes it more fashionable.


This particular gamosa is meant specially for the ceremonies like marriages, Bihur bihuwan, maan dhora etc.



Birina - Dohi Bota Gamosa

SKU: 0002
₹800.00 Regular Price
₹399.00Sale Price
  • SIZE:     L: 70 Inches. | W: 25 inches.



    Made from 55% Cotton, 30% silk, 5% Golden (Guna), and 10% Polyester threads. 

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