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Solving the Authenticity Issue of Assamese Gamosa (Gaa-musa)

Assam, the land of one-horned rhinoceros and colorful Gamosa, produces around 13 tonnes of Assamese Gamosa annually, and yet this is not enough to meet the demand of the Gamosa year-long in Assam itself. This is where the counterfeit Gamusas come onto the scene and take up to 70% to 75% of the market share of the Assamese Gamosa.

Assamese Gamosa Weavers

The Issue:

Despite having the GI tag and various initiatives taken by the local Govt. and regulatory bodies, counterfeit Gamosas (made in power looms outside Assam) are circling everywhere like anything.

The situation is so severe that the authorities seized more than 16000 counterfeit Gamosas from the markets across Assam. (Ref: PratidinTime News)

In the month of March this year, the Assistant Director of the Handloom and Textiles Department of Kamrup Metropolitan District issued a written notice to the vendors of all textile establishments in Assam prohibiting the sale of powerloom Gamosas, Mekhela- Sador, Dokhana procured from outside the state with immediate effect. (Photo of the Notice: At the bottom)

We are trying to find a permanent solution to solve this issue with blockchain technology.

The Solution to Save the Assamese Gamosa:

To counter this threat and to protect the identity of Assamese Gamosa and other local products from Assam, we at Birina Handmade are trying to establish the traceability factors using blockchain to authenticate its origin and the intrinsic values attached.

  • Deploy a solution based on blockchain technology to document the production, journey, and transactional history of each Gamosa.

  • Enable customers to authenticate Gamosas by accessing the blockchain record, instilling confidence in their origin and quality.

  • Augment transparency and trust within the supply chain by establishing an unalterable record of Gamosa's creation and distribution through blockchain.

  • With our solution, one can simply scan a QR code to establish the traceability of the Assamese Gamosa and other Assamese products.

Variety of Assamese Gamosa Gamcha

The Mission:

The mission we envisage at Birina Handmade is as follows:

  • Safeguard the genuineness of the Gamosa and other Assamese products, catering to the emotional sentiments of individuals by preserving and protecting their authentic essence.

  • Emphasize the sustainability inherent in the utilization of environmentally friendly looms (Green Looms) by our Assamese weavers.

  • Tackle the commercial imperative by expanding the marketing efforts and market reach with blockchain imperatives.

  • Ensuring fair compensation for the dedicated weavers & artisans involved in crafting Assamese Gamosas and other Assamese products.

At Birina Handmade, we are committed to leveraging blockchain technology as a potent tool to protect the authenticity of Assamese Gamosa. Our mission encapsulates the dual goals of preserving cultural heritage and ensuring the welfare of our dedicated weavers & artisans. Through the implementation of traceability factors and the use of environmentally friendly "Green Looms," we aspire to redefine the handloom industry in Assam and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Birina Handmade Cluster, Assam

Join us in this transformative journey as we weave a future that upholds tradition, and authenticity, embraces sustainability, and champions the rightful compensation of the artisans who breathe life into Assamese Gamosas and other Assamese products. Let's safeguard the essence of this cultural treasure for generations to come with the features of blockchain.

জয় আই অসম।

Appendix: Letter from the Assistant Director of the Handloom and Textiles Department of Kamrup Metropolitan District

Assam bans duplicate gamchas coming from outside Assam.

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